Hardware Replacement on HK01

 May 17th

There is a scheduled maintenance to perform a RAM check as well as replace a particular faulty RAM module which will be carried out later today during off-peak hours.Maintenance Type:Hardware Replacement and Check (RAM)Details:Over the past weeks, the server has periodically "stalled" and we had previously suspected a DDoS Attack on the server. ... Read More »

Emergency maintenance on HK01

 May 13th

There is an emergency maintenance on HK01 currently ongoing to resolve an issue related to faulty RAM modules.Maintenance Type:Server Check (RAM Test)Details:Over the past week, there had been some intermittent connectivity issues to the server. Initially a DDoS Attack was suspected but after vigorous testing and checking with our datacenter we ... Read More »

Transition to networks and IP addresses with 500 Gbps DDoS protection

 May 1st

We inform our customers that during May 2016 we will be migrating our services to networks and IP addresses with free 500 Gbps DDoS protection.This will involve some IP address changes but customers using our nameservers or DNS setup included in their welcome message will not need to make any changes from their end, as we will be updating our ... Read More »

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